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our mission is to create value for your business

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our aim is to satisfy and delight you

If you are not satisfied and delighted, let us know.

We take getting it right for you and your business seriously, we guarantee it.

great products

Our products have been created with every BODY in mind.  One product for every customer.  Easy.  Filled with fantastic flavours, good for you ingredients, free-from for a wider customer base, our range of baking, brew and brekky blends are good food for customers and good food for business.

best ingredients

We use the best ingredients we can, always looking for organic, seasonal, Australian grown ingredients for our range.  We use wonderful ingredients from all across the globe and do our best to make sure we are using Fair Trade, organic whole foods.  It is always a work in progress.

our guarantee

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quality products

If you are not happy with our products, if they don’t meet your expectations or if something doesn’t work (a bit of science and magic dust go into our products)  let us know, we will fix it for you.

since 2010

We approach our food with imagination and passion.

Whisk & Bowl has been making award winning food on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland since 2010. Our unique expertise is born from 10 years of research & development, it informs all of our work.

our aim is to satisfy and delight you

Add you own magic touch (remember to keep it free-from) and give your customers photo ready food & drink shots we all love sharing with our mates.

We love social media too and will be glad to follow you, support you and post photo’s of your gear.



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there are no rules, finding new ways to make great food and having fun is what we do.

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drop us a line, tell us your dream product and let us see what we can do.



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