About Us

We approach our food with imagination and passion

Whisk & Bowl has been making award winning food on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland since 2010. Our unique expertise is born from 10 years of research & development, it informs all of our work.

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work together

You are our most important stakeholder. Our goal is to always work with you to meet the needs of your business

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great service

We love great service when we get it and figure you love it too.  We are here for you and will always do our best to deliver.

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quality products

All of our products go through our own tough quality assurance processes.  IF something doesn’t work, we work with you to fix it.

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getting greener

We are working all the time to green our biz.  As better packaging options are available for us we will move away from plastic completely.

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Yep, we have won a few but that is for work and products we have already delivered, our goal is to be better and always improve.

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people biz

We value every person and company who is part of the Whisk & Bowl family, our growers, suppliers, customers, designers, supporters etc.

we take our time to listen

Your feedback matters most to us.  Knowing what is working, where the problems are, how we can solve them and what you believe we can do better is one of our values.

mixes & blends


developed in our cafe

We didn’t just make up our range, they came from loads of hard work in our very own cafe. Tested with loads and loads of customers and refined over several years so we knew they would work for you. 

Our Story

Like any great story, it started with a personal struggle and turned into something wonderful.  Our story started with a single muffin and one woman’s determination to create free-from food that is nourishing, tastes fantastic and is simple to use.

meet the maker

Tania Hubbard is the passionate creator behind Whisk & Bowl Food Co. 

Tania Hubbard

Tania Hubbard


An Australian best-selling author and award winning food innovator and manufacturer, Tania is both an international speaker and educator.  Tania is a regular commentator on free-from food, product development, recipe development and food labeling.

Unconventional & innovative, Tania’s passion is to use quality, plant based, functional foods to create products that have a wide range of applications and consumer groups.

Blending traditional and contemporary whole ingredients with modern food production techniques to create nourishing, delicious food humans love.

Tania launched Australia’s first award winning gluten and grain free café in 2009, using that environment to research, test and commercialise a range of gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, dairy-free, yeast-free & egg-free cake, bread & biscuit mixes.