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food for every BODY Library Hall of Fame

Thank you to every single person, business and friend that has joined my campaign to deliver 1000 brand new cookbooks into 500 Australian public libraries.  You can check them all out below.  A huge thank you from me to you!  xx Tania Hubbard

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our 20 book hall of fame legends

Australia’s leading coconut flour, coconut oil and coconut aminos.  Fairtrade, organic and supporting Pacific Rim communities to build their local economies and participating in global trade.

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Organic, fair trade whole foods in bulk. We bring whole food to you at an afforable price.  Home delivered in our specially designed delivery boxes.  Keeping your food safe.

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our 4 book loving legends doing great things

Sow Grow Eat

We love Ange and the awesome team at Sow Grow Eat.  These guys support you to grow the right plant, at the right time, for your specific area of Australia.

At Sow Grow Eat they are passionate about the geographical planting of fruit, veggies and herb seeds based on climate zoning and weather patterns so that EVERYONE can grow their own food regardless of space limitations, experience or skill.  (Just so you know, everyone has a green thumb – they are just different shades!).

This gear makes an awesome “I LOVE you” gift for anyone who loves to grow food!  Thanks team Sow Grow Eat – we have sent 4 books out to two of our awesome Public Libraries.  Big love!  Team TH

Sow Grow Eat Here

edgeware creative entrepreneurship

Make money, have fun, change the world!  Love that and team Edgeware.

Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship is an innovative business training and coaching company for startup and established business owners, sole traders, entrepreneurs and community organisations that provides ‘just in time’ training, hands-on tools, and ongoing support to plan, start, effectively manage and grow businesses, community organisations and enterprises.

Since 2006 we’ve worked with more than 1,000 businesses from startups to established small to medium sized enterprises in industries like: arts, administration, foodstuffs, business support, consultancy, catering, child care, counselling services, creative industries, cultural heritage, education, engineering, fashion, gifts, health, horticulture, jewellery, landscaping, project management, retail, security services, trade services, tourism, viticulture, writing, and youth support.

Thank you Ludmilla and Michael for your wonderful donation to libraries here in Australia – this really is having fun and making a difference using!

Edgeware Info Here

organic wholefoods

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organic wholefoods

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our awesome 2 book fab dab contributors

Amytis Gardens

Is a family run business. The 16 acres has been in the family for over 40 years, starting as a small homestead and farm. LOVE pampering and food – this is the place!  Cooking classes with world famous Matt Conroy – a truly inspiring chef and emerse yourself in the luxury day spa at Amytis with one of Australia’s leading therapists – Anita Conroy.

Amytis Gardens Here

Jen Shaw – Change Maker

Hello! I’m Jen Shaw, author and foodie, chook farmer, mum of 7 and social entrepreneur! Using my passion for whole foods,cooking from scratch and sourcing locally grown food, my gift in writing and a passion for making things right in communities my purpose in life is to inspire, motivate and mentor real people towards real change.

We love your work Jen, love you and send a huge THANKYOU for your amazing donation to our Public Libraries. xx Team TH

Jen Shaw – Food, Inspiration, Life

Elaine Millar

Is one of our favourits consultancy firms.  Specialising in servicing premium brands in the wine, food, hospitality, agriculture and travel industries.Elaine and her team are very cool – with a focus on focus on assisting businesses and their people by identifying opportunities and adding value to their prestige brands to achieve mutually agreed & profitable objectives.  Thank you for your awesome donation Elaine – we are pretty excited to send out beautiful cookbooks with you on the inside!  xx Team TH

Meet Elaine