All I need is a whisk, bowl and apparently a photo bomber to make bread this morning! How clever is Tania Hubbard of @whiskandbowl_australia who has a bread mix based on pepitas!!? I can’t wait to try it as her chia almond bread is a staple in this house. I’ve added fresh rosemary and manchego cheese to this mix today but it’s still grain, gluten and nut free! Clever girl Alisha – Naughty Naturopath Mum[

Look what arrived this morning, I may have kissed the delivery guy if my husband hadn’t intercepted him first!!! I’m taking it to work to read at morning tea. Thanks again Tania xxx

Emma F

Tanya E and her lovely girls baking chocolate chia cupcakes

Yummy farmhouse bread with homemade rosella jam. Thumbs up – Julie

Hi Tania! I bought the Abundance book before Xmas & I am just getting around to trying some things from it. The Almond Chia Seed Focacccia was a hit on the weekend & today I’m trying out the Labna cheese. I look forward to trying out more from this lovely book soon. xx

Julie B

simple, easy to make, delicious yumminess. Thank you Tania – Julie A


We love you @taniahubbard and your insanely awesome recipes. The girls made these yummy Banana Besan Flour Pancakes for breakky this morning. They’re so easy and so yum!!

Sal x

This is what they look like and they tasted even better. I got the last pack from Jeffers Tania. I usually make the one from your cookbook. I wanted something quick,easy and delicious! Exactly what I got. Thank you!!

Lindsey S