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at whisk and bowl we are free from and allergen savvy and our passion is to create beautiful solutions that fit with your life

we know which ingredients are safe and love crafting them into delicious food you can trust and enjoy

after all, food is one of life’s great pleasures!

we believe ingredients should be on the front of the pack

and we love that you understand how food should be

Redefining Food Labeling

  • we believe the most important things we use are the ingredients
  • we believe it is our responsibility to make reading labels easy
  • so we put all the ingredients on the front of the pack
  • we only use ingredients that are nutritious, taste good & give you joy
  • we believe in transparency and of course food that is delicious

Redefining Free From

  • we have been looking at Free From food from a different angle for over a decade
  • our unique expertise is born from 10 years of research & development, it informs all of our work
  • our passion is to create products that celebrate your individual food choices
  • to embrace this way of eating as positive
  • where food is at its most true, food for every body
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whisk and bowl has been creating beautiful food since 2010

we approach our food with imagination & passion

we are dedicated to making a difference in a way that matters to you

all of our products have been born out of unique expertise & a desire to live a great life

we love putting all of our energy and commitment into doing a small number of products really well

we craft every single product in our dedicated gluten free, grain free, nut free space

About Tania
Tania HubbardHead Honcho @ Whisk and Bowl
Tania Hubbard is the Founding Director of award winning company Whisk and Bowl Pty Ltd.

Australian best-selling free-from author and an award winning food manufacturer and food innovator.

International speaker and educator, Tania is a regular commentator on free-from food, product development, recipe development and food labeling.

Unconventional & innovative, Tania’s passion is to use quality, plant based, functional foods to create products that have a wide range of applications and consumer groups.

Blending traditional and contemporary whole ingredients with modern food production techniques to create nourishing, delicious food humans love.

Tania launched Australia’s first award winning gluten and grain free café in 2009, using that environment to research, test and commercialise a range of gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, dairy-free, yeast-free & egg-free cake, bread & biscuit mixes.

Call the office during business hours (07) 5476 2068 to chat about working together.

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